Our Watch Baby Grow package combines 4 sessions that coincide with the major development milestones in your baby’s first year: Supported sitting at 3 months, Sitting by themselves at 6 months, standing & holding on at 9 months, and free-standing or walking at 12 months. Showcase your favorite pose from each session in a beautiful panoramic portrait and “watch them grow”! 

Session Tips & Ideas:

Babies grow at different paces - so whatever your child is doing at any particular stage is exactly what they are supposed to be doing! Don’t stress about hitting certain milestones by a certain ages. We work with our clients to schedule each session around individual needs. 
Since the final panoramic portrait is one image, we recommend creating a theme or using a certain color scheme that will blend each session into the next.

Smash Cake

There’s nothing better than watching your little one demolish a sticky, sugary cake! Give them permission to make a mess and watch fun unfold - we’ll tell you want to bring, help you with the set up & we’ve got clean up taken care of!