Reflections & Images was established in 1979.

In the 30 years since the studio’s inception, R&I photography has excelled in blending classic technique with modern advances. From innovative home design to high quality materials, our clients get the best of what the industry offers: portraits that will last for generations.

Reflections & Images Photography is a full-service creative studio and we work with our clients to create custom artwork for their home. The studio is equipped with both strobe & natural light & our neutral backgrounds allow for classic, unobtrusive portraits that bring out healthy skin tones and showcase impactful expressions.


We Believe Print is Forever 

We are creating a “lost generation” through the lack of tangibility and fast-paced technology. Ten years ago, we still had the floppy-disc, today many computers don’t have CD drives anymore, and who knows what tomorrow will bring!

But a photograph can be held, it has weight in your hands. A photograph can be scanned and recreated 100 years later. A photograph can be loved everyday as you walk through your house, it can remind you of how fast your family has grown, and it can be passed down.  We know digital is equally important in it’s own way, but when did photography become an either/or situation? 

We believe that you can have both and that our clients deserve both.  We will help you print the images you love, and you’ll have the matching digital negative to go along with it. So let’s get started!



 Rachel Brooks | Owner/photographer

Rachel Brooks | Owner/Photographer


 Jaimie Carl | photographer

Jaimie Carl | Photographer


Kristin Reed | Photographer